Nikolay Stoitsev

Nikolay Stoitsev is an engineering manager at the early-stage HealthTech startup Halo DX. He is leading a team that is reimagining the software systems for medical diagnosis to improve human health and well-being. Nikolay has an obsession with building great teams and software products. He was previously at Uber, VMware, and different startups.

Discussion :: New Positions in Software Development Industry


Discussion :: Tools & Platforms – How to Select the Best for Your Needs?

Discussion Nikolay Stoitsev, Mani Sarkar, Ivo Nikolov, Irina Marudina

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Day 1 -- March 8th 14:30-15:00 Main Stage,Virtual Stage #1,Virtual Stage #2 Discussion Nikolay Stoitsev, Ivo Nikolov, Kalina Hristova