Interested in speaking at Java2Days?

If you’re interested in speaking at Java2Days and CodeMonsters, this is your chance – the Call for Papers is Open!

Java2Days is a must-attend event for anyone in the Java development area. The conference program will include a combination of keynotes, sessions, workshops, discussions led by industry’s top experts as well as social events where developers can meet and learn from their peers.

Feel free to apply also as a speaker at Java2Days co-events CodeMonsters an AI&Smart Tech.

CodeMonsters is the first-of-its-kind and first-of-its-scale event for software engineers in Europe, which is focused not only on development technologies but is dedicated to improving every aspect of developers’ life.

AI&Smart Tech is a brand new event in our portfolio, focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, engineering design, smart infrastructures and robotics.

Hope to see you at the events!