Ivo Nikolov

My name is Ivo and I am a Java Software Engineer at Information Services JSC. I started my education and professional career in the world of commerce but after a quick programming basics course I became excited about coding. Ever since then I have put in great effort and diligence (and sleepless nights) in every aspect of the learning process. Since my programming journey began, I have worked with Java, JS, Angular, Vue and GraphTalk. I consider myself a software developer who gives his best in every opportunity , as not only do I enhance my skills and knowledge ,but I feel pleased that I have done everything I can to produce an effective and efficient product. I don’t shy away from any challenge. In the long term my ambitions are continuously getting bigger and bigger. I always do my best so that my work and effort can truly make a positive change to other people’s lives.

Discussion :: Tools & Platforms – How to Select the Best for Your Needs?

Discussion Ivo Nikolov, Mani Sarkar, Nikolay Stoitsev, Irina Marudina

Discussion :: Career Tips & Tricks

Day 1 -- March 8th 14:30-15:00 Main Stage,Virtual Stage #1,Virtual Stage #2 Discussion Ivo Nikolov, Nikolay Stoitsev, Kalina Hristova